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Accessibility Renovations / Visitability / Ageing-in-place Renovations

Accessibility renovations can include simple changes around your home such as swapping out door hardware and taps to a full re-design with widening interior doors, converting an existing room to a bedroom or larger bathroom and adding ramps at the entrances. At Clarke Construction Projects, we understand the accessibility challenges that some homeowners are faced with. Our experts can guide homeowners in choosing cost-effective adaptations to address their unique accessibility needs.

Accessibility Renovations Focus on Safety, Comfort, and Ease of Use

While focusing on safety, comfort, and ease of use, we guide each client through the renovation process to convert their home into a ‘universal design’ that meets each customer’s needs while also improving the resale value of the property.

Common Accessibility Renovations and Ageing-In-Place Renovations Include:

  • Roll-in or low threshold showers
  • Comfort height toilets
  • Roll-under vanities
  • Grab bars, toilets, taps and other accessible accessories
  • Upgrade fixtures for ease of use (taps, door handles, etc.)
  • Lowering sinks and countertops
  • Installing a non-slip finish on floors and shower
  • Barrier free bathrooms
  • Steam showers and therapeutic showers
  • motion-sensor sink taps, and vanity cabinetry
  • Roll-under sinks & cooktops
  • Lowered or raised cabinetry and/or pull-out storage
  • Custom accessible cabinet design
  • Upgrade fixtures for ease of use (taps, door handles, etc.)
  • Motion-sensor sink taps, and kitchen cabinetry
Hallways, Stairs & Lighting
  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Light switches and electrical outlets Placed in accessible locations
  • Additional light fixtures throughout the home and exterior entrances
  • Handrails in corridors
  • Stair/wheelchair lifts and elevators
Decks, Entrances, Doorways
  • Threshold decks and ramps or ground grading to eliminate outdoor steps
  • Widening entryways and interior doorways
  • Barn style doors, pocket doors
  • Automatic lighting or door openers
  • Convert an existing room for a main floor bedroom and/or bathroom extension
  • Building an addition
  • We work with engineers, licensed designers, and city inspectors to make sure the structural integrity of every project is of the highest concern

Residential Tax Credits & Grants Available for Ageing-In-Place and Accessibility Renovations


The Manitoba Metis Federation offers an accessibility grant. Click here to apply


Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

If you have a low income and need to make emergency repairs to your home, you may qualify to receive up to $5,000 ($9,000 if you live in the northern community).

All repairs must be completed within 90 days of approval and must belong to one or more of the following categories; structural, electrical, heating, water supply, roof, disability and accessibility, plumbing

Call 204-945-5566 or toll-free 1-866-689-5566 to apply


Coming Spring 2022!

The Manitoba Accessibility Fund is investing more than $21 million to increase accessibility and enhance the quality of life for Manitobans with disabilities.

Stay tuned for further details, including by subscribing to Accessibility News.

Click to View the Manitoba government News Release

Business Grants Available for Accessibility Renovations

The EAF provides funding for projects that make Canadian communities and workplaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. EAF aims to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to:

There are 3 different program components in EAF. (Click on the next tabs for details)

Provides grant funding for small-scale construction and communication technology projects that improve accessibility in communities or workplaces. Grants can be up to $100,000 per project. Click here for more info & to apply

The Manitoba Metis Federation offers an accessibility grant. Click here to apply


There is now an easier way to apply for Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) funding. The change will benefit those applying for the following construction activities:

  • ramps
  • accessible doors
  • accessible washrooms
  • accessible lifts
  • elevators
  • pool lifts

Click here for more information

Examples of Accessibility Renovations

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