GRANTS FOR Accessibility, visitability, ageing-in-place renovations

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Tax Credits & Grants Available for Ageing-In-Place and Accessibility Renovations

Veteran Affairs Canada

March of Dimes Canada

Manitoba Metis Federation

The Manitoba Metis Federation offers an accessibility grant. Click here to apply

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

If you have a low income and need to make emergency repairs to your home, you may qualify to receive up to $5,000 ($9,000 if you live in the northern community).

All repairs must be completed within 90 days of approval and must belong to one or more of the following categories; structural, electrical, heating, water supply, roof, disability and accessibility, plumbing

Call 204-945-5566 or toll-free 1-866-689-5566 to apply

Coming Spring 2022! The Manitoba Accessibility Fund

Manitoba is investing more than $21 million to increase accessibility and enhance the quality of life for Manitobans with disabilities.

Stay tuned for further details, including by subscribing to Accessibility News.

Click to View the Manitoba government News Release

Grants Available for Businesses for Accessibility Renovations

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF)

The EAF provides funding for projects that make Canadian communities and workplaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. EAF aims to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to:

  • take part in community activities, programs and services, or
  • access employment

There are 3 different program components in EAF.

The small projects component

Provides grant funding for small-scale construction and communication technology projects that improve accessibility in communities or workplaces. Grants can be up to $100,000 per project. Click here for more info & to apply

The mid-sized projects component

The mid-sized projects component gives funding for larger construction projects. These projects must offer a holistic suite of programs and services that support the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities and the labour market.

Contributions can be up to $3 million per project. Click here for more info & to apply

Flat rate

EAF is introducing flat rate to the mid-sized project component. Flat rate determines the amount of funding for the construction of various projects. Click here to for more info & to apply.

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